Getting Started

1. Find Out More About Christian Courses.

Welcome to! and Christian University GlobalNet are leaders in providing media-rich online biblical education opportunities to students around the world. We offer online courses and access to academic programs geared to every level of learner. Whether you are a “leisure learner” interested in taking a course or two or you are a ministry leader looking for a full academic program, we have something for you!

We suggest you check out our page on Why Choose before you start.

2. Determine if you are interested in an individual course or a full academic program.

Individual courses for personal enrichment are available at, while full academic programs are available at our partner website, Christian University GlobalNet.

Note: Individual courses for academic credit are offered only through Christian University GlobalNet.

3. Choose a course that you are interested in and the version you need.

We have courses available for every level of learner in the following categories: Old Testament, New Testament, Christian Apologetics, Christian Counseling, Church History, Ministry Leadership, Spiritual Formation, Systematic Theology, Worldview and Ethics, and World Missions.

Our online courses are available in the following formats:

Over 60 courses are available at no cost in the areas of Old Testament, New Testament, Christian Apologetics, Church History, Christian Counseling, and Christian Ministry.

CEU Certificate Courses
Are you a Christian school teacher or ministry staff member who needs to take a course for Continuing Education Credits? Through Christian University GlobalNet (CUGN), a sister ministry of, you’ll find over 40 courses available at a nominal cost (most are $40 USD) in the areas of Old Testament, New Testament, and Christian Apologetics. These courses include quizzes for each lesson and a downloadable certificate of completion. Visit this link for more details.

Earn up to 24 CEU’s with CUGN’s $180 90-day subscription plan. Visit for more information.

Courses for Academic Credit
Many of our courses can be taken for credit from Christian University GlobalNet. CUGN offers single courses, certificate programs and access to undergraduate and graduate-level degrees (through collaborating schools) with over 120 courses to choose from.

Course Products
In addition, many of our courses are also available in the following formats for personal enrichment:

  • MP3 CD
  • CD Set
  • Download

Please note: CEU credit is only available through the online CEU CERTIFICATE version of our courses or through our companion website, Christian University GlobalNet. Academic credit from CUGN is only available through the online CUGN version of our courses.

4. Register with us.

Once your course selection is made, click on the link provided on the course home page to take the course online. Be sure to look in the CERTIFICATE program category if you need the certificate (CEUs) for certification by ACSI or a similar organization. You will then encounter a log in page asking if this is your first visit to or if you are a returning student.

Click on “Create new account.” This will take you to a registration form. Fill in the form completely. Write down your username and password so you don’t forget them. Click on the “Create my new account” button at the bottom of the form. You’ll be sent a confirmation email. Click on that link to do the confirmation step.

If it’s a free course, you’ll immediately be taken to the course home page. If the course you choose is a certificate course, you’ll be directed to the PayPal payment system. You can pay using a credit card, debit card, or a PayPal account. Once that is done, you’ll be directed to the course home page.

WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU CREATE A BOOKMARK FOR THIS PAGE. If you want to bookmark your location in a course, simply use your browser’s bookmark function to save the exact location of your study. When you return to the course on the next visit, select that bookmark and you will be directed to the login page. Once you login, you will be taken to your bookmark location.

5. Begin your studies!

When you’ve chosen your course, you are ready to begin your study. Use your User Name to log in, along with the Password you chose when you registered. Cookies must be enabled on your browser for a successful login. For example, on Microsoft Internet Explorer, any privacy setting set to “Medium” or lower should work fine (See menu Tools/Internet Options/Privacy).

Start with the Course Syllabus as the first step in your study. The Course Syllabus outlines the learning requirements for the course. Then, on the home page of each course, you will find instructions on how to navigate through a course. You will also find a complete index of all lessons in the course, allowing you to quickly jump to specific content. Start with the first lesson, and follow the Course Index through the course. Each course has a Course Discussion—a place to answer the questions in the course that are specifically designed to help you apply what you have learned and to also learn from other students enrolled in the course. It’s also a great idea to keep a notebook handy to keep a Course Journal while you’re studying the course.

Click here for printable version.