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“As the group considers becoming Christian, tension mounts and excitement rises. Indeed, a prolonged informal vote-taking is under way. A change of religion involves community change.” — Donald McGavran


Did You Know

Only 1.25% of mission’s giving goes to the 10/40 Window where more than 97% of the least evangelized people on the planet live.

The Missionary Encounter with World Religions

Course Number: WM504


Former Professor of Missions and Director of the Urban Missions Program at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Course Description:

Nothing demonstrates the pluralism of our world better than religion. Christians must be able to respond to the myriad of religious systems that permeate society. This course develops a biblical theology of religions by studying current models and approaches. Using major religious systems as examples, the lectures sketch five characteristics of all religions. Students will learn the major concepts in religious encounter, including the concept of elentics, various definitions of “religion,” and the five magnetic points of religions. The course culminates with practical suggestions for approaching world religions evangelistically.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  1. Analyze religions according to their five magnetic points.
  2. Develop a biblical theology of religions.
  3. Evaluate contemporary models of religious encounter.
  4. Understand major concepts in religious encounter.
  5. Gain skill in encountering world religions.

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