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“The fall of man is written in too legible characters not to be understood: Those that deny it, by their denying, prove it.” — George Whitefield (1714-1770)

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The Catholic Church believed there were seven deadly sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride.

Doctrine of Man and Sin

Course Number: ST504


Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida

Course Description:

As ambassadors for Christ and the Gospel, we must understand the true nature of man and the magnitude of his sin. This course presents a critical and historical overview of positions regarding the nature of mankind: both as the image of God and as corrupted by sin. The course presents a distinct Reformed anthropology coupled with a fair treatment of differing views and objections. Important and controversial questions regarding the origin of evil, the nature of man, and the effects of sin on humanity are all considered, allowing students to draw informed conclusions on these and other key issues.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  1. Understand and define the key terms used in the discussion of anthropology.
  2. Explain the Reformed perspective on mankind as the image of God and as a fallen creation.
  3. Articulate various views on the origin of evil.
  4. Interact with alternative viewpoints and offer arguments that support both sides of various issues regarding man and sin.
  5. Communicate more effectively the biblical grid of creation, fall, and redemption to contemporary audiences.

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