To earn biblical studies continuing education units (CEUs) for ACSI, students will need to take courses through our sister ministry website, Christian University GlobalNet (CUGN). Through CUGN’s relationship with the ACSI, we are able to assist teachers in meeting biblical studies requirements for teacher/administrator certification at a very low cost of $40 per course (2 CEUs).

Click here for more complete information on the CUGN courses approved by ACSI.

Ready to earn CEUs by taking courses at CUGN? Here’s how:

  • First, you will need to enroll as a student at Christian University GlobalNet ($15 fee). Click here to do so.
  • Once you apply, you will receive detailed instructions explaining how to get started in your courses.

The courses you take at CUGN may also qualify for academic credit in one of our affiliated programs. Click here for more details.

For more information about ACSI, visit their website at