About Us

ChristianCourses.com and Christian University GlobalNet are leaders in providing media-rich online biblical education opportunities to students around the world. We were one of the first faith-based online learning providers offering interactive courses and over 200,000 students have registered to study with us! We currently offer both individual online courses and online academic programs geared to every level of learner. See what our students say about us.

ChristianCourses.com was initially founded as a division of Christian University GlobalNet® (CUGN). Created in February 1998 as a major partnership among the colleges, universities, and seminaries of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, CUGN was later restructured as a separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation to focus on a mission of reaching learners worldwide with affordable and accessible Christian worldview learning opportunities.

Our Mission:

Under God’s hand, our mission is to provide affordable and accessible Christian worldview online learning opportunities to learners worldwide.

Our Vision:

Our vision is broad in scope, yet simple in definition: Christ-centered learning, anytime from anywhere.

Because We Believe:

In line with the historic orthodoxy of the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds and our own 1938 founding statement of faith, we see the following life-changing implications for what we do and how we teach:

  • Because we believe the Bible is the God-breathed, self-revelation of our Creator, we want its message to be the foundation of our lives, so that our thoughts and actions reflect His highest purposes.
  • Because we believe in the tri-unity of our God, we want our relationships to reflect the oneness of truth and love we see in Him.
  • Because we believe human nature has been deeply flawed by inherited and personal wrongs, we want to always remember that our greatest need is for the mercy and grace of God.
  • Because we believe Jesus died in our place and rose from the dead to live His life through anyone who will trust Him, we want to spend the rest of our lives letting others see that what He has done for us, He can do for them.
  • Because we believe Jesus Christ is our Savior, Teacher, and Lord, we want the attitudes He shows toward His friends and enemies to be our attitudes as well.
  • Because we believe Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to be with us, and in us, we want to live with the courage and character that comes from Him.
  • Because we believe in one church, of which Jesus Christ is the Head, we want to identify with all who believe in Jesus regardless of gender, age, race, or class.
  • Because we believe Christ makes His people ambassadors to all nations, we want to be faithful to His words, rather than to our own ideas, and to do so by the strength He provides, rather than by trusting in our own ingenuity or efforts.
  • Because we believe in the promised return of Christ, we want to live every day of our life in a way that reflects hope rather than despair.
  • Because we believe we all will give an account of ourselves to God, we want to correct those who are accountable to us with loving conviction rather than self-righteous condemnation.
  • Because we believe we are caretakers of our Father’s world, we want to be faithful stewards of the spiritual, material, and natural resources that have been entrusted to us, for the good of our neighbor, and for the glory of our Creator.

Privacy Policy:

We value the privacy of our Web site visitors. Thus, we have created this privacy statement in order to disclose information gathering and dissemination practices for our online learning center.